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St Chad's is a lovely setting for a wedding.


We charge the standard Church of England marriage fee. At each wedding there is a verger and a person looking after the PA system (£25 each). We can also offer an organist for an extra £60.

If you are getting married elsewhere and need your banns read please contact Simon Bray (mb 07816448030; who will organise this for you.  There is a charge for this service.


Baptism is the rite we use to enter the Christian faith. It involves water, oil and prayers and represents our new birth into God’s family. 

At St Chad’s we offer baptism at both our morning and 4:15 services.

If you would like to explore baptism for you or your child please get in touch with us!

For more information and to ask about booking a baptism please get in contact with

Simon Bray on 07816448030 or by email

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